Montrealers lost 183 hours to metro breakdowns in 2016

If you use Montreal's Metro system on a regular basis you may have noticed it has some trouble from time to time.

Monday was one of those days, as both Green and Oranges lines were shut down for a short period.

Projet Montreal also noticed the breakdowns, and decided to do the math.

The city's official opposition found metro failures have increased, as has their length. The party blames the Mayor.

"Denis Coderre's first step after his election was to cut in the STM's budget. He also voted against a motion to improve the resilience of the metro" said Craig Sauvé, the opposition's transportation critic. "Repeated service interruptions, each time, damage the level of confidence users have in their transit system."

During Coderre's time as mayor, Projet Montreal points out breakdowns lasting five minutes or more have increased from 895 to 923. The number of shutdowns causing service disruptions lasting more than one hour jumped by 50 per cent from 2015 to 2016.

"The metro's equipment is aging. However under Denis Coderre the STM has stopped investing in its infrastructure, its equipment and in future projects" said party leader Valerie Plante.

Plante and Projet Montreal are calling for a reinvestment in the public transit system, specifically to restore Montrealers confidence and to plan both medium and long term solutions to improve all metro lines.

According to the data, Montreal's metro system was down for a total of 183 hours in 2016.

To put that into perspective, you could watch all ten seasons of Friends, all eight seasons of Full House and still have two hours to spare.