Montrealers react to Trump/Kim denuclearization deal

Surprise, suspicion, hope, relief, and cynicism expressed by Montrealers in the morning following the summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean Chairman Kim Jong Un.

On the streets of Montreal a woman from South Korea told CJAD 800 that she had been waiting for a deal like this for over 30 years.

"That is actually our long [held] dream between North Korea and South Korea,'' says Misong. ''And I think worldwide, a peace agreement is a good thing to encourage peace.''

She believes the entire world is rooting for successful further negotiations.

An American man named Weslie says he's pleased with the way Trump is handling foreign relations.

"I'm happy because they've been a threat for a long time," he says. "It's a great thing and I think it's a new day moving forward."

Several people, including NDG resident Annie believe the declaration is just more Trumpian political theatre.

"C'est un spectacle, comme 'show business'" she says.

Montrealer Tisha tends to agree.

''I think its just a front. I think they're just saying that so everybody will be calm about what is going on in the world,'' says Tisha. ''You really think North Korea is just going to give up everything that they have, hiding wherever they have it hiding, just because Trump said so... Come on!'' 

Others, like Xavier are sceptical that the negotiations will bear fruit.

''Something is going to fall through,'' he said at Villa-Maria metro station. ''Historically with North Korea, things have usually fallen through when it comes to pacts and deals.''

Regardless of local opinion about Trump, most are pleasantly surprised about the apparent progress in a conflict that has haunted the world with nuclear threat for decades.