Montrealers using more public transit, still don't like carpooling

Montrealers can still get to work in less than 30 minutes, use public transit more and still don't like to carpool.

It's all part of the latest release of 2016 Census Data from Stats Canada.

The agency found that the average Canadian can drive to work in about 24 minutes while those who use public transit get from point A to B in just under 45 minutes.

Montrealers weren't far behind, with the average drive taking just under 27 minutes and the commute via public transit taking about 45 minutes.

The use of the trains, bus or metro is up across the entire country, reaching 12.4 per cent, up from 10.1 per cent in 1996. 

Toronto tops the list with 24.3 per cent of commuters choosing the public transit option, Montreal is not far behind 22.3 per cent (up from 19.8 per cent a decade ago). The city of Saguenay in Quebec had the lowest percentage of public transit users at 2.2 per cent.

The increase in public transit use and active transport in Montreal has caused the percentage of workers driving to work dip below the 70 per cent mark for the first time, now sitting at 66.4 per cent. 

While Montrealers still do love their cars to get to work, they don't enjoy sharing them as carpooling remains unpopular in Montreal and Quebec with about 3 per cent of commuters sharing the drive. Saint John, New Brunswick had the highest rate of carpool at 9.3 per cent.