More calls to extend light rail system to link Trudeau Airport, Dorval train station

Montreal's official opposition party is joining Dorval, St. Laurent and the airport authority in demanding that the new REM light rail system be extended to link Trudeau Airport to the Dorval train station.

Ensemble Montreal is tabling a motion at next month's council meeting asking that the city of Montreal demand that the Quebec government and the Caisse de dépôt modify the light rail plans and make the 700 meter extension. 

"It'll make the airport stronger, it'll provide for better connectivity from people who are living on the southern part of the West Island," said St. Laurent borough mayor and opposition councillor Alan DeSousa.

"Clearly the key losers if it weren't to be done would be the residents, the citizens," said DeSousa.

"Imagine getting off the train station and having to truck or wheel your luggage 700 meters to get to the airport terminal. It makes no sense at all."

Project officials are waiting on a federal government study that's underway but DeSousa said they don't need to wait because if they do, it'll cost even more to extend the line after it's built.

"It will be complicated, hugely complicated, than to just do a little bit of tunnelling for a few hundred meters and who knows, it might never get done," said DeSousa.

DeSousa's borough already made a similar request earlier this month.