More construction work on St Denis

The city of Montreal says the work is desperately needed.

32-million dollars worth of construction is planned on St Denis, but now between Faillon and Jarry. 

The city's pledging new measures in a bid to mitigate the impact with, among other things, a new row of parking added in the middle of the lanes.

Through traffic on St Denis south is blocked, so the city decided to make the street a long driveway for area residents and shoppers. 

"Right in the middle, the city provides free parking lots in the buffer zone, that's a new way to help merchants in the area", said city spokesman Philippe Sabourin. 

As well, slimmer dividers are being used instead of concrete barriers.

Area sewers were built in 1899 and the aquaducts in 1912.

Many blame two years of constant work on St Denis for devastating the once-humming strip. 


- With files from CTV Montreal