More metro elevators, bus ramps in the next 5 to 8 years

The STM has announced its plans to make its bus and metro system more accessible for users who are disabled and have mobility issues.

As announced last fall, the STM plans on having elevators in as many as 34 out of 68 metro stations in 5 years time and 43 stations by year 2025.  Also by that time, all buses should be equipped with front end ramps.

"That's nothing new," said Laurent Morrissette of the disabled people's rights group RAPLIQ.

"That's like putting icing on the cake, the cake was baked in October."

The STM said it's a long process because the stations dating back to the '60s were not built to accomodate elevators.

Morrissette argued that other older subway systems notably in Europe have been able to get around the problem much quicker and have extensive programs to help the disabled get around if there are no elevators available. 

"This is a bunch of good intentions and promises but we must not forget we are in an election year," said Morrissette.

Morrissette said their proposed class action against the STM for limited access to public transit is back in court later this month.