More protests in Quebec City targeting G7 summit

Police chased anti-G-7 protesters through the streets of Quebec City today, as small pockets of activists carried out a series of actions aimed at tiring out security forces and disrupting activities related to the summit.

Activists declared victory early this morning, after they managed to close a major road that led to the summit site in La Malbaie for an hour.

Protesters played cat and mouse with police throughout the rest of the day, with reports of a handful of arrests.

A few hours after the morning demonstration, city police were forced to close the northbound direction of a major boulevard for about an hour.

Protesters had set fire to lawn chairs and two couches in the middle of the road.

Later, dozens of armed officers could be seen marching two-by-two through the narrow streets of Old Quebec City, banging batons on plastic shields as they ordered small groups of protesters to disperse.