More rat sightings in neighbourhoods near Turcot road construction

Rat sightings are on the rise in some pockets near the Turcot road construction project.

Westmount sent notices to residents saying they've received a number of complaints about more rats in the neighbourhood likely linked to the Turcot roadwork. Homes in the South West borough also received the letters.

Westmount said in the letters that inspectors are conducting more frequent checks looking for burrows and to make sure nothing's left lying around to attract the vermin.

Frank Pulcini, owner of Central Extermination told CJAD 800 News that they're definitely getting more calls about rats in general around the city compared to last year thanks to roadwork disturbing rats nests. As for areas around the Turcot, no more than usual, said Pulcini.

Westmount is reminding residents to keep rats at bay by keeping garbage bags and cans well closed, cutting down overgrown vegetation and removing stagnant water.

Westmount residents can call the Urban Planning Department at 514-989-5524 for information, questions or to report the presence of rats.