More strikes coming to the SAQ

The union representing SAQ employees says more strike days are coming, each week until the end of the month.

The SEMB-SAQ has been in contract talks with the crown corporation's management for over a year and a half in hopes of finding enough common ground to sign a new collective agreement.

While union officials said there is still a chance a deal could be had by October 1, there are still differences, including a gap in salary increases, which need to be worked out. 

The two sides are expected to meet again Thursday to talk about money.

In an attempt to put more pressure on SAQ management the union said strike days are coming, but when they'll be launched will be announced at a later date.

Union members previously voted for six strike days, two have already been used.

Along with the strike days the union is planning visual protests.  Temporary tattoo barcodes will be sent to members to be worn on the SAQ's busiest days.

The union said if customers ask about the barcode, members can say it's because the SAQ treats them like a number on a spread sheet.