Most anglo dads in Quebec feel support services are lacking

Fatherhood Week

As Fatherhood Week in Quebec draws to a close, a group that tracks anglo access to health and social services says most English-speaking dads don't feel well-served. 

"Out of the 400 English speaking fathers that were surveyed, three out of four feel strongly that the public services being offered to them are not sufficient, and they're not accomodating their needs," says Russ Kueber, programs manager at the Community Health and Social Services Network.

He says that is a downside in a survey that showed many positives for English speaking dads, including the feeling that fathers' contributions are more highly valued than in francophone society.  

Kueber sees a positive just in the fact that anglos were included in the survey for Quebec Fatherhood Week.

"To me, it's a wonderful sign that more is to come, and that the English speaking community is well on the radar," he says. 

Kueber says the next step would be further research to identify which services for anglo dads are lacking.

He promises that the Community Health and Social Services Network will continue to pressure service providers to include programs for English-speaking fathers.