Mother Nature's sorry, offers a warmer week for Montreal

After an extended cold snap that saw temperatures hitting -35°C with the wind-chill for extended periods of time, Mother Nature would like to make it up to Montrealers.

If you look at this week's long range forecast there's almost no chance you don't do a double take.

Stare at it as long as you want, get your glasses checked (if you got'em) and refresh your browser as many times as you want... We could see temperatures between 4°C and 9°C on Thursday.

Weather Network

A mild air system is making its way through the Montreal area, bringing several days of spring like conditions this week before things get chilly again in time for the weekend.

Mother Nature still gets the last laugh though, not many people will be able to go out and enjoy the warmer temperatures as most holiday vacations are over and Montrealers head back to work or school on Monday.