Mother of young girl who fell in stream harassed online

The mother of a missing 4-year-old girl is speaking up; talking about the nightmare she has been living since Saturday.

Danika St-Amand's daughter Alicia has not been seen since she was swept away by the current of a creek near their cottage in Macamic, in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region. 

The 23-year-old mother told the Journal de Montreal she decided to take a nap inside with her one-week old baby while her partner was outside watching the five other children playing outside.

That rest did not last long.

Her son burst into the home saying his friend had pushed Alicia into the water. She said the boy later tearfully confessed to pushing Alicia in order to see if she could swim.

The entire ordeal happened in the few moments St-Amand's partner let them out of his sight.

The couple did everything they could to find Alicia, but Danika said the water was about four times higher than it normally is.

Provincial police divers have been searching the water but so far found no sign of Alicia. A temporary dike was built up stream in hopes of dropping water levels to help in the search.

St-Amand assured the French newspaper her children were never allowed to go near the creek, especially when there is no adult supervision outside.

She added there has never been an issue because both of her children are afraid of water.

The young mother decided to break her silence after she was bombarded with hateful comments on social media from people who decided to judge her without knowing any of circumstances.