Motion to recognize Montreal as city of excellence for metal music

A motion tabled at Montreal City could possibly make for the loudest debate in council history.

City councillor for Saint-Henri-Little-Burgundy-Point-Saint-Charles Craig Sauvé wants his fellow officials to recognize Montreal's heavy metal scene.

"Metal music has existed in Quebec for 36 years, with Montreal playing an important role in that development," Sauvé told CTV Montreal.

Not only is it great for head banging, but the local music aficionado adds it plays a major role in tourism, "is an essential part of the cultural ecosystem of Montreal" and "is anchored in the heart of our city."

"I think it's high time an institution salutes this perhaps underappreciated but really rewarding scene."

Sauvé's motion is backed by fellow councillors Sterling Downey and Jocelyn Pauzé.

The motion to recognize Montreal's ability to crank it to 11 will take place on Monday.

"There will hopefully be speeches of support from other council members as well. I'm excited to hear them and hear what maybe bands have influenced them in the local Montreal metal scene."