Natasha Hall speaks to Sharlene Royer, a professional stunt-double

Sharlene Royer's job is definitely a unique one. She is an actress, professional stunt-woman and stunt-coordinator. Royer has doubled for Hollywood heavyweights like Halle Berry, Vanessa Williams and Rosario Dawson. You may have seen her in X-Men, Star Trek Beyond or Deadpool 2.

Her first time being a stunt-woman was in the Montreal-shot film, The Adventures of Pluto Nash, starring Eddie Murphy. She was the stunt-double for Rosario Dawson and did six months of intensive training for the part. As a stunt performer, she has studied stage combat, gunwork, cablework, harness and trampoline work, and stunt driving. She was also the stunt-double for Halle Berry in the X-men franchise. 

She has since moved to Vancouver and travels frequently for different movie projects. Royer has a few upcoming projects including a new Eddie Murphy film called Dolemite is my Name. And she was also the assistant stunt coordinator on the upcoming Chucky horror movie. Listen to her conversation with Natasha Hall: