Natural Christmas Tree Pickups this week across Montreal

West Islanders still living with memories of this Christmas past will be able to easily get rid of their festive trees this week.

Residents in Pointe-Claire, Dorval, D.D.O. and Pierrefonds-Roxboro will be able to take advantage of special Christmas tree pickups on Wednesday, January 9.

To have your tree picked up it needs to be placed near the curb in front of your house and have all its decorations removed.

The trees should then be left as is and not wrapped in any sort of plastic.

Dorval and Pierrefonds-Roxboro will have a second pickup day on January 16.

Kirkland residents can take advantage of a week's worth of pickups starting Monday, January 7.

If you live in Beaconsfield you can't leave your tree by the curb. Instead you'll need to take your natural tree to the public works drop-off site (300 Beaurepaire Blvd.) during opening hours or bring them to one of the designated drop-off areas located in several major parks in the city.

  • Beacon Hill, 100 Harwood
  • Briarwood, 50 Willowbrook
  • Christmas Memorial, 424 Beaconsfield
  • Drummond, 200 Beaurepaire
  • Beaconsfield Heights, 225 Evergreen
  • Rockhill, 540 Beaurepaire
  • Shannon, 340 Preston
  • Windermere, 303 Sherbrooke

For those living in Montreal, most boroughs will be holding tree pickups on January 9 and 16. To be sure when tree collection is available in your area you're being asked to check your boroughs website.