NDG businesses with no heating forced to close for now

Several NDG businesses were forced to close temporarily after the heating system in their buildings broke.

According to owners, the landlord could do more to remedy the situation.

Among other things, a barbershop owner on Fielding says his shop has been too cold to open for more than a week, that he's lost hundreds of dollars in revenue.

Ted Wright is a tenant’s rights advocate and founder of the Westmount Legal Clinic.

He tells CTV the landlord's responsible, that tenants can take legal action if the problem drags on.

"The law says they to have heating under article 1912 of the civil code. You must have heating because that's safety, security, and habitability of a dwelling. The landlord must make sure it's on", said Wright. 

The landlord fixed a heater in each shop after nearly two weeks of complaints, saying the delay is due to the holidays.  



- With files rom CTV Montreal