NDG car targeted by anti-semitic graffitti

A case of anti-semitism involving a vehicle in NDG.

The writing on the white car was removed by Corey Fleischer, who's known for removing such graffitti using power-washing tools.

He told the the Aaron Rand show he's now on a roll.

"It's a movement, the "Erasing Hate" movement. It started here in Montreal and basically people ... have seen my videos on facebook and started to get reached out from all over the world. I took a little chance at trying to have those removals done and one thing led to another. I was able to execute and that's what we're doing", said Fleischer.

The NDG case included profanity against Jews written on the side of the car as well as a swastika using shoe polish, according to Fleischer.

The nearly 11-minute video shows him simply wiping out the graffitti using a rag and an aerosol can.

Among other things, Fleischer says in the video calls were made to the city and police about the graffitti, but no one responded.