NDP calls for emergency debate on U.S. immigration ban

The New Democrats are asking for an emergency debate on the immigration ban ordered by U.S. President Donald Trump.

NDP immigration critic Jenny Kwan says she wants the House of Commons to address the issue as its first order of business when MPs return to Ottawa on Monday.

She says she wants to know how the temporary American ban on people coming from seven Muslim-majority countries -- and the indefinite halt to the Syrian refugee program -- will affect Canadians, including those with permanent residency status, and what the Liberal government plans to do about it.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's office said Saturday night the Trump administration told them the ban will not affect those who hold Canadian passports, including dual citizens.

Kwan says many questions remain about whether they will be subject to additional screening and delays and whether Canada will take in a greater number of refugees.

The Liberals did not immediately say whether they would agree to the debate, when all things Trump are expected to dominate the agenda.