Near disaster avoided after water breaks through dike in Pierrefonds

The number of people forced from their homes by flood waters across Quebec remained at just over 10,000 on Tuesday, but there could have been a couple hundred more had it not been for the quick work of blue collar workers, police, fire fighters and the armed forces.

A wall of sandbags protecting homes on de Gaulle St. near Gouin Blvd. in Pierrefonds failed. Water began rushing over and through the makeshift dike just as many residents on the street were waking up and starting their day.

Some who were outside already jumped in to action trying to reinforce the wall, others called 9-1-1.

Within a matter of minutes city workers were on scene with police and fire fighters who quickly patched up and rebuilt the wall with new sandbags. Armed Forces members arrived not long after and reinforced the structure with some wood panels.

"A pump broke down in the western portion," explained Pierrefonds Mayor Jim Beis while speaking with CJAD 800s Aaron Rand. "We mobilized the army in that area to seal it for us and then a new pump came in and then we were able to save it."

While there was some cleanup to do following the small breach, about 100 homes were saved from potential flooding due to everyone's rapid response.

More good news came out of Pierrefonds on Tuesday.

After several days of work pumping water out of storm drains, crews were able to reopen Pierrefonds Blvd.

Lanes are reduced at the intersection of St. John's, but cars are able to move through the area again.