Need help recycling? There's an app for that

For those confused about where to take their recyclable items, Recyc-Quebec has launched a new mobile app to help them out.

‘Ca va ou?’ is free to download on all smartphones and a web version is also available.

More than 800 consumer products are listed, with the app telling you what to do with each, ranging from glass jars to plastic bottles to batteries, tires and fabrics.

The app also tells users where to bring items that shouldn’t be placed in a home recycling bin, with a geolocation tool directing them to specialized repositories and ecocentres, along with opening hours.

Information is provided for more than 1,300 municipalities and territories throughout Quebec.

More than half of Quebecers choose to put a product in their recycling bin even if they don’t know if the item is recyclable and half of residents said they would recycle more if they had better information.