New Champlain Bridge opening pushed back: report

It was already delayed six months, so what's another couple weeks?

According to Radio-Canada, work to pave and waterproof the new Champlain Bridge has so far not gone as planned, ultimately forcing another delay in the opening of the new structure.

Due to the list of finishing touches not getting shorter, sources told the public broadcaster the new Bridge will not open until the end of June, a couple weeks after the already pushed back date of June 3.

The two-tiered opening of the span will be maintained. Lanes taking traffic to Montreal will open first, and then two weeks later motorists will be able to use the Bridge to go back to the South Shore.

The delay will mean the New Champlain Bridge may not be completely open until sometime in July.

A spokesperson for Infrastructure Canada would not confirm when the new Bridge would open, just saying before the end of June.

On Wednesday the Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridge Corporation announced its plan to tear down the old bridge.