New Ile-aux-Tourtes bridge will not have space for REM - for now

The new Ile-aux-Tourtes Bridge will not have room for the REM transit system.

Junior Transport Minister Chantal Rouleau announced the details on Wednesday that the new bridge will be built just north of the old one with three lanes in each direction, a pedestrian path, bike path and a reserved bus lane which will technically serve as a shoulder for emergency vehicles.

Although there are no plans to put space for the REM, Rouleau says it is something they are keeping in mind.

“The bridge will be made first for buses” confirmed Rouleau. “Who knows what technology we will have in five, seven or ten years. We don’t want to prevent the ability to receive new technology.”

The REM is expected to be completed by 2023. There is no station currently planned for Vaudreuil.

Public consultations will be held on March 18 and March 27 in Vaudreuil-Dorion and Senneville.

The CAQ government announced in December  that the existing 2km structure, which transports roughly 86,000 cars to and from the West Island every day, will go into retirement sometime between now and 2030.