New MUHC head wants to restore pride and confidence to institution

Newly-appointed MUHC boss Pierre Gfeller says one of his main goals is to put the well-documented scandals of the institution behind it, and focus on the positives.

"The MUHC is really a world-class institution. Great care for patients, world-class research, great teaching," Gfeller told CJAD 800's Andrew Carter. "What we would really like to do...the MUHC has known difficult times, and we would like to restore pride in what we're doing because we're doing really great things."

Dr. Gfeller was named to the post in April, and officially took over the job on May 28. A graduate of McGill's Faculty of Medicine, he spent 15 years as a family doctor in the Laurentians before getting into hospital management two decades ago. in 2012, he had been appointed to run the Sacré-Coeur hospital in Montreal's north-end.

Contrary to other high-ranking MUHC officials and some union leaders, he says the institution has the financial resources it needs to provide proper care for patients, train medical staff, and be a world-class research institution.

"In my experience, the government treats the different institutions quite fairly," Gfeller says. "Do I think that we have all the resources that we would like to have, certainly not. Do we have the resources to do what we need to the present moment, after two weeks, I believe that we do."

Gfeller also suggests the institution is on the way to balancing the books in 2018-19, after it ran a deficit the previous year.