New opinion poll shows Mayor Plante slumping in support

Just a year since the municipal election and a new survey out this morning paints a not-so-rosey picture of Montreal City Hall and it's not good news for the mayor.

The Léger poll, conducted for The Journal de Montréal, indicates that the honeymoon is over for Mayor Plante, largely over taxes and something she doesn't have much control over...traffic snarls. 

The mayor has 42% of voter support, while 44% of Montrealers who answered the online poll said they would already like to see a change. 

The main complaint is about high taxes, which six-out-of-ten property owners said are too high. 

Speaking with Leslie Roberts on CJAD 800, Mayor Plante admitted she'd fumbled the January announcement about increasing taxes by more than 3%, something she'd committed to keeping in line with inflation during the campaign. 

"I stand by my decision, but I should have shared it in a way that was closer to my style and who I am. Being less cold and closer to the people in a way to communicate it," said Plante. "I felt like it was't 'Valérie,' it wasn't 'the mayor' talking when I did share the Budget a year ago." 

The other main area of concern for voters who answered the poll is mobility around the city, which is often snarled at best. 

"As I've always said I would be the mayor of 'mobility.' The fact that we orderd those 300 (electric) buses right at the beginning and it is important becasue we haven't seen that type of investment in public transport in years. " 

For the moment, the mayor doesn't have too much to worry about because only 36% of Montrealers know Lionel Perez, the interim leader of opposition Ensemble Montréal.