New Outremont synagogue will be built despite referendum vote against

A more than three year battle over a potential new synagogue on Bernard Ave. will conclude with it being built despite residents voting against it.

In a referendum two years ago, 56 per cent of residents voted against allowing new places of worship on Bernard. This week Outremont Mayor Philippe Tomlinson announced the results won't apply because the promoter of the synagogue presented its plans to the city and had them approved before the referendum was called.

Tomlinson told CTV Montreal that if officials stepped in to stop the project it would end up in court.

"The lawyers at the city told us 'it's better to get a deal done now than to go in front of a judge, we think risks are too high that we won't win our case,'" he said.

The announcement was met with jeers from angry residents at this week's borough council meeting.

The settlement reached between the borough and the synagogue's promoter will limit its size to 7,000 square feet. The promoter was originally planning on 10,000 square feet.

The new synagogue is expected to be completed within a year and will likely be the last place of worship to be built on Bernard.