New poll suggests Couillard in trouble in his own riding

A new poll suggests Premier Philippe Couillard is in serious danger of losing his own riding of Roberval to the CAQ in the Oct. 1 election.

And this, even before François Legault's party has named a candidate to run there.

The phone poll conducted last week by Mainstreet Research for the web site shows the CAQ would get the support of 29 per cent of decided voters, while Couillard would pick up 27 per cent.

21 per cent of those polled, however, say they're undecided.

Recent polls have suggested that province-wide, the CAQ enjoys a slight lead over the Liberals in terms of popular support. In terms of seats, however, a lead of a few percentage points could mean a CAQ majority government.

The last two premiers to lose office at the ballot box also lost their own seats — Jean Charest in 2012 and Pauline Marois in 2014.