No appeal after Zampino corruption case acquittal

Quebec’s Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions will not appeal the acquittal of former Montreal Executive Committee Chairman Frank Zampino and his co-defendants in a high-profile corruption case.

The DPCP indicated via Tweet the decision was made after a close analysis of the legal issues.

Zampino, Paolo Catania and four others were acquitted on May 2.

The former Executive Committee leader under Gerald Tremblay and the construction contractor were accused of fraud, breach of trust and conspiracy in connection to the Faubourg Contrecoeur real estate project.

The other four – Martin D’Aoust, Andre Fortin, Pasquale Fedele and Patrice Pascale – were employees of Frank Catania construction and faced charges of fraud and conspiracy.

In his ruling, Judge Yvan Poulin ruled that while the Crown produced voluminous evidence, much of it was circumstantial and based on speculation.