No more cars allowed through Parc La Fontaine, less parking too

After Mount Royal, the Plante administration is now tackling the issue of cars at Parc La Fontaine in the Plateau Mont-Royal.

The city's executive committee has given the go-ahead to plans to ban motorized traffic through the park and most parking near the urban greenspace.

The 10-year plan is to gradually close the two streets that split Lafontaine Park in two: Émile-Duployé and Calixa-Lavallée Aves. 

Parc-La Fontaine Avenue that runs along the western side of the park will be cut in half to make way for a new pedestrian walkway.

They'll take away the parking lots near the cultural centre and the Le Plateau School.

The little triangle that includes Cherrier Street will be closed down to expand the park.

Luc Ferrandez, in charge of parks for the executive committee, said the measures are needed.

"The state of, the quality of the park has gone down a lot in the 30 past years," Ferrandez told reporters.

The plan will go before city council next month.