No Name® voluntarily recalling raw frozen chicken products

No Name® is getting rid of its frozen raw chicken products.

They will replace the products with 100% fully cooked chicken.

They're doing this to prevent potential risk of illnesses that are associated with frozen raw chicken product, such as salmonella. 

They're recalling the following products sold on or before February 8, 2019:

  • No Name Chicken Nuggets: 907g, 2.0kg, and 3.0kg boxes
  • No Name Chicken Strips: 907g and 2.0kg boxes
  • No Name Chicken Burgers: 1.0kg, 2.0kg, and 3.0kg boxes
  • $10 Chicken Fries: 1.8kg bags

These products were sold in Quebec at Club Entrepot, Maxi, Maxi & Cie, Presto, Provigo, Provigo le Marché, AXEP, and Intermarché.

They have since been removed from store shelves.

You are able to return those products to the store for a full refund.