No parking: Montreal to launch snow removal operations Monday at 7 p.m.

Mother Nature showed us that winter isn't over yet, but there is some light (or at least warmer temperatures) at the end of the tunnel (week).

About 16 centimeters of snow fell on Montreal Sunday, which is enough for the City to launch snow removal operations.

Crews will be out in every borough clearing streets and sidewalks as of 7:00 P.M.

"We will need maybe four days to complete the operation," said city spokesperson Philippe Sabourin. "Loading 15 centimeters of snow requires somewhere around 2,200 pieces of equipment and 3,000 employees."

In order to ensure the snow clearing runs smoothly and is completed on time, Sabourin is asking motorists to pay attention to the parking restrictions that will be in place.

"Every motorist should know that we will have some orange [no parking] signs," Sabourin said. "There will some restrictions to park your car."

The wet, sticky and heavy snow that fell Sunday didn't cause any major issues on the road, but it did cause one roof to collapse at an auto repair shop in Montreal North. No one was inside at the time.

If you are worried about snow accumulation on your roof, the Régie du bâtiment du Québec has some tips for homeowners on its website.

The good news, after the late winter storm it looks like some very nice early spring like conditions. Temperatures will remain at or just below 0°C during the day all week long. With plenty of sunshine expected Tuesday and Wednesday and a high of 8°C expected by Thursday it looks like we may be turning a page on winter.