No Plan B for Two Mountains train commuters to be shuttled to Côte-Vertu metro

There is no Plan B as to where Two Mountain train commuters from the Bois-Franc station will go when the line shuts down next year to make way for REM light rail construction.

Quebec Junior Transportation Minister Chantal Rouleau was unable to say yesterday what the alternatives were to the Côte-Vertu metro station which is closing for 11 weeks next summer.

Train commuters were supposed to be bussed there from the Bois-Franc station as part of mitigation measures announced last Thursday.

Rouleau acknowledged that they did know for the past two years about the construction of a garage at the Côte-Vertu metro, prompting its closure.

Rouleau said they're studying how many metro stations will be used in order to accomodate the displaced train commuters.