No price gouging here. In fact, quite the opposite

Despite the flooding that's hammered parts of the West Island, it appears many local hardware stores haven't been resorting to price gouging.

In fact, the opposite may be happening.

Flood gear, particularly hip waders, pumps and rubber boots, have been flying off the shelves since the water levels became a problem on the West Island.

Very often during such crises, stores jack up the prices on such in-demand gear to increase their profits — knowing that they can. But at the stores we visited, that doesn't appear to be the case.

"No. Not for situations like this." says Maria Deodati, the receiving manager at the Rona store on St. Charles. "Some pumps go for $300 or $400, and they've slashed their $70 or $80."

It's a similar story at the Kirkland Canadian Tire, where general manager Philippe Cardinal says they are struggling to keep up with demand — but won't resort to opportunism, even though he lives in an affected neighborhood.

"We're getting it, because we can sell it," he says. "But we're not in a position to do anything with pricing at this point."

-CJAD 800 Emily Campbell contributed to this report.

Emily Campbell (CJAD 800)