No quick fixes for Turcot traffic jams at temporary Rose-de-Lima entrance to Ville Marie West

It's been almost two months since thousands of motorists have been forced to use a temporary entrance onto the Ville Marie westbound after the closures of two main downtown ramps.

And motorists are wondering if anything can help ease the resulting traffic jams that are expected to last until the end of 2019.

Some motorists speaking with CJAD 800 News said the lineups to get onto the expressway from Rose-de-Lima often take an hour or more during rush hour. They said they don't understand why there aren't two right-turning lanes onto the Ville Marie from Rose-de-Lima or a permanent green light for them to turn right onto the ramp.

Transport Quebec spokesman Martin Girard says if those were in place, trucks and buses would run the risk of colliding into traffic coming off the highway.

"They need two lanes to make their turn," said Girard in an interview with CJAD 800 News.

Borough councillor Craig Sauvé said they're "always constantly adjusting" and "always constantly monitoring."

"Perhaps to put a detector along Atwater that would notify when a truck was coming so that we could prolong the green (light) as much as possible and keep a red for people coming off the 136," said Sauvé.

"The idea being maximizing the turn-off as much as possible without creating potential collisions."

As for permanent all-day traffic cops in the area, Girard said they're looking into all options.