No tolls to cross Mount Royal: Mayor Valérie Plante

Montreal mayor Valérie Plante is ruling out tolls to cross Mont Royal, despite a Facebook post by her executive committee member in charge of parks suggesting that very idea.

Luc Ferrandez wrote that a park fee or $10 toll could be discussed, in response to reaction opposing the proposed ban on through traffic on the mountain.

Plante said the mountain must remain "accessible and democratic" for all.

"One thing is for sure, having a toll is not an option. We're not going in that direction," Plante told reporters.

Plante said she was not contradicting her colleague who was just "answering some of the concerns, some of the suggestions that were being made."

"It's never been a question of putitng a toll, I can assure you, and Mr. Ferrandez knows it very well."

Plante said it was "just a Facebook post, not an official communiqué, we're not doing a 'point de presse.' "

Plante made reassurances that the pilot project will put the rumours to rest and that a public consultation will be included.