Nurses taking legal measures to ensure they can still administer Botox injections

Nurses are fighing back against new measures aimed at barring them from administering Botox injections without a doctor's prescription.

They've sent a legal notice to the Quebec College of Physicians to suspend its new rules.

For over 12 years, nurses who work in medical aesthetics have used group prescriptions to administer Botox injections and other skin fillers.

But the Quebec College of Physicians is putting an end to the practice citing public safety.

"They have no facts for their allegations. There's never been a complaint. Even more so, people were satisfied with the service," said Carl-Olivier Rouleau, lawyer representing the nurses of two nurses' associations.

Rouleau said this will mean doctors will have to take on an extra 60,000 appointments a year to offer these services when there is already a doctor shortage.

Rouleau also argued the College is overstepping its jurisdiction. He said they could go as far as an injunction asking for compensation for any lost income.