Ontario camera shop refuses to take Quebecer's 'international' credit card

A Montreal resident says an Ontario-based retail shop may have been misinformed about the results of the last Quebec referendum on independence.

The Montrealer, L.E. Moir, says she recently tried to purchase some camera equipment online at Henry's Cameras, but when she entered her credit card information she got a surprising message — Henry's doesn't accept credit cards issued outside of Canada.

"They were more than happy to ship it to me here. What they refused to do was accept my credit card because they have their system set up that Quebec is not in Canada, and they don't accept international credit cards."

Moir then called the shop to see if she might be allowed to make her purchase as a Quebecois-Canadian by credit card over the phone — but no luck there, either.

"Their response was, no they weren't going to do that." she said, "And my response was, and I quote, 'you have just missed an excellent opportunity to display stellar customer service.' The person hung up on me."

Meanwhile, Jeff Tate, the vice-president of marketing an e-commerce at Henry's, is chalking everything up to a technical issue — which they're in the process of fixing.

"Our goal is to make shopping with Henry's secure and convenient for everyone," Tate wrote in a statement emailed to CJAD 800. "We value our customers in Quebec and are focused on fixing a technical issue with Henrys.com that is impacting their ability to pay by credit card."

The statement points out that customers can indeed pay by credit card over the phone, and by PayPal.

"We apologize for the hassle and are doing everything we can to bring the full set of payment options online quickly," the statement concluded.