Ontario Proud's arrival on federal scene renews fears about third party collusion

A conservative political advocacy group that was instrumental in taking down the provincial Liberals in Ontario is going national, aiming to do to Justin Trudeau what it did to Kathleen Wynne.

Ontario Proud unabashedly promoted Doug Ford's Progressive Conservatives in last spring's Ontario election, using social media to create viral videos and memes that mercilessly mocked Wynne.

It did it all as a registered third party that bills itself as a non-partisan, not-for-profit, grassroots organization.

And now it's now gearing up to the do the same for Andrew Scheer's Conservatives in next fall's federal election.

But Ontario Proud's arrival on the federal scene is renewing questions about when political advocacy crosses the line into collusion with a political party.

The rules for third parties are in flux at the moment at the federal level.

The Trudeau government has taken steps to rein them in with omnibus legislation that it hopes to have in place in time for next fall's election.