OPINION: Farewell to the baseball diamond at Jeanne-Mance Park

The city's decision to eliminate the north field baseball diamond at Jeanne-Mance park to the detriment of not only those who've played softball there for more than five decades, but to those in the community who used the field as a neighbourhood anchor, is as disappointing as it is baffling.

Using the conclusion from a 'ballistics' report that a person walking by the field might get hit by a foul ball as the main reason for closing the park down, begs the obvious question of how this park and that rationale wouldn't apply to every other baseball field in every other park in the city.

The fact that Plateau borough mayor Luc Ferrandez, in a radio interview with Paul Arcand on 98.5FM, dismissed the objections of those who use the field all spring and summer long, as "... a group of Anglophones who like to sit around around and eat hot dogs", shows how little tradition, respect, and understanding mean to this administration when it doesn't align with their own ideology.

To that end, my "Ode to the North Field"

The outlook wasn't brilliant for the Jeanne-Mance nine that day, 
Their cherished field of dreams was about to slip away.
Too dangerous cried the bureaucrats, someone might get hurt.
Though we all knew that refrain, was just meant to divert.

But just when all looked hopeless, 
And brows were all a furrowed, 
There rose a savior from the crowd, 
'Twas the mayor of the borough !

Ferrandez, Luc Ferrandez, he'll cause the plan to pause, 
After all, he'd told them once, he shared their worthy cause.
He'll save the field, he'll save the game, HE would get it done. 
But little did they realize, the man was just a bum.

Oh somewhere men and cheering, and somewhere children shout
But there is no joy in Plateauville, Luc Ferrandez sold them out.