Organizers of Chateauguay St. Pat's parade looking to recover stolen cash

Organizers of Chateauguay's St. Patrick's Day parade have launched a GoFundMe campaign after someone stole the money from the cash box from a fundraising event in the south shore community on Saturday night.

The Chateauguay and Valley Irish Heritage Association held an event on Saturday night at the 55+ Centre in Chateauguay to raise funds for the parade, and to select the parade's queen and her court. Organizers called the event a success, but then found out that a cash box used to collect the cash made from the event had gone missing at its end.

"It was a very big success, and unfortunately, it ended up kind of rotten, when it should have ended up all smiles," says the Association's Nancy Martineau. "It ended up with a lot of tears."

The box had thousands of dollars, collected from the sales of tickets, drinks, and a raffle held during the event. After searching the rented hall and a vehicle in the parking lot for about an hour, the box eventually turned up — with its contents gone.

"We looked everywhere, where we were at the hall...and eventually, out of the blue...after the president said, 'we're not leaving here until we find this box', surprise! It showed up in the truck, which had been verified on many, many occasions," Martineau said.

Chateauguay police have been informed of the theft.

Since the page went active on Monday afternoon, it has raised nearly a thousand dollars. Its goal is $4,500.

The Chateauguay St. Patrick's parade takes place on March 24.