Outremont trots out 3D solution to traffic issues

Drivers in Outremont are in for a surprise as the city has come up with a novel solution to the town's traffic issues.

The pedestrian crosswalks at the corner of Bernard Ave. and Champagneur Ave. are getting an eye-catching revamp.

The old strips are gone, replaced with an optical illusion that makes it look like the strips are 3D rather than simply painted on the ground.

Outremont borough councillor Mindy Pollak says that corner has been a problem for a while.

"This intersection was chosen be cause it was the site of a few severe accidents in recent years," Pollak said. “It’ll make drivers pause a second and think ‘oh, let me slow down a second – what is this new marking?”

Pollak says the idea came from some more out-there ideas used in other parts of the world, including Iceland (where the above photo comes from).

-CJAD 800's Matt Guité contributed to this report.