Owners of 'pitbull-type' dogs to get more time to sort out paperwork

There appears to be a temporary reprieve for owners of pitbull-type dogs who received city of Montreal notices last month telling them they had to get rid of their dogs in four weeks because of incomplete paperwork.

A lawyer for the city of Montreal told a judge this morning that they'll be sending out new letters informing over 500 dog owners that they'll have until December 21 to hand in all the necessary documents.

Lawyer Anne-France Goldwater was in court prepared to ask for a delay for the dog owners she represented.

The city was already reviewing some cases that had incomplete files. Goldwater said in many cases, extenuating circumstances such as medical and financial issues prevented dog owners from filing all the paperwork on time.

The city's executive committee still has to approve the extension expected to be up for discussion at its weekly meeting on Wednesday.

Lawyers are back in court in two weeks to finalize this case.