Parents fight possible relocation of over 100 EMSB special needs students

Parents are keeping up the fight against a possible relocation of at an east end adult center for more than 100 special needs children.

It's because of overcrowding at a French school board.

The English Montreal School Board might hand over the Galileo Adult Education Centre to the Pointe-de-L’Ile School Board.

"The truth is we do have space and so we can't, in good faith, say we have space and we're not willing to share", said EMSB Vice-Chair Joe Ortona, who spoke with CTV.

Parents say the change would turn the students' world upside down. 

"They need to know that change is very hard for these kids. It takes a long time for them to get used to a schedule,” said parent Tina Malta, who also spoke with CTV. 

"If you’re taken away from what you know and you’re insecure, it’s hard. Every day they struggle with these things. Having a place they can go and feel secure is important. That’s why it’s hard to hear Galileo might be given up", added Malta.

The EMSB is just starting its month-long consultation process.