Parents of Florida hit-and-run victim rush to Montreal

The father of a Florida man left with severe brain injuries from a hit and run in Montreal on the weekend says doctors are encouraged by his current condition.

"My son Zachary was the victim of a pedestrian hit and run in Montreal [sic] Canada this past Saturday night," Mark Zelinsky posted to Facebook on Monday. "I'm here with his mother Myra, and my friend Mike by his side."

"He has suffered a severe brain injury, and emergency surgery was performed," he continued. "It's been 42 hours and the doctors are pleased by his current indications."

"He will be sedated until the brain swelling is quelled. Until then he is unconscious and we need to wait."

Zelinsky was found early Saturday morning unresponsive in a parking lot near St. Laurent Metro station.

Police have released footage of the car used to run him over, it is dark of unknown make and colour.

Anyone with information on the car or its driver or witnessed the hit and run are asked to contact police using the Info-Crime anonymous tip line at 514-393-1133.

Investigators say they know the 30-year-old Florida man and the driver that ran him over spoke to each other shortly before the incident around 2:15 a.m. on Saturday, but what their prior relationship is unknown.

It is believed Zelinsky was traveling alone.