Parents upset Midget BB hockey coach asking for $300 per child for his (volunteer) services

Some parents are upset that their kids' hockey coach at the Midget BB level is asking for payment for his services even though it's a volunteer position. And now the organization overseeing the teams in the province, Hockey Quebec, is getting involved.

Jason Beauchamp, coach for the Dynamos Express Midget BB asked every parent for $300 each to coach their kids. 

Parents, who contacted did not want to do recorded interviews out of fear of repercussions.

Beauchamp told CJAD 800 it was to make up for time being away from his business.

But Paul Ménard, general manager of Hockey Quebec, said it's clear:

"Any amount that is to cover losing time at work is definitely not the direction we want to take," said Ménard in an interview with CJAD 800.

Hockey Laval insists it's standard procedure when the coach has no kids of his own on the team. 

Ménard said sometimes parents cover coaches' expenses for hotels during away games or skills clinics. He added that such lump sum payments are paid to coaches of elite teams.

"Personally, it's a first - I've never heard it that way," said Ménard.

"There's many other BB teams that are not into this situation and this is something a little out of the ordinary, I have to agree."

Ménard said they were informed about the situation when a reporter from CJAD 800 inquired about it.

"We were told at first that all parents agreed to this and found out that they weren't," said Ménard.

Regional director of Hockey Laval Martine Deschamps said they were under the impression it was a unanimous decision by parents.

Deschamps added that those who disagreed should have come to them to make their concerns known, something echoed by Ménard.

At the request of Hockey Quebec, the Laval hockey association and the team are supposed to meet with parents to work things out.