Parking meter rates, police background checks to cost more this year

It won't be a joke this April 1, when you park your car on the street in Montreal it's going to cost you a couple extra quarters.

In a statement released just before the holidays, the City announced parking meter rates will increase by $0.25 per hour in all boroughs as of April 1, 2019.

If you happen to use Parcojour parking lots in the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough it will cost you an additional $0.50 per day. 

The City said the increase is to account for inflation and added parking meter rates have not seen an increase in 10 years.

Along with the higher parking rates, the City said should your car need to be towed away, for parking violations; it will cost you $87.

As of April 1 police background checks will also cost more, jumping from $70 to $75 and fingerprinting (criminal record check, adoption/immigration application) will increase by $3 to $75.