Parking stickers for hybrid, electric cars in CDN-NDG will soon be cheaper than for gas cars

If you drive a gas-powered car in the Cote-des-Neiges-NDG borough, you'll soon be paying more for your street parking stickers than you would if you drove a hybrid or electric car.

The borough's council adopted its 2019 budget Tuesday — a $67 million budget it says reflect the administration's priorities, values and aspirations.

Promoting cleaner modes of transportation is one of those priorities, and to that end, the borough is introducing staggered rates for parking stickers, based on the kind of vehicle you own.

Staggered rates for annual parking stickers already exist in the Rosemont-Petite-Patrie borough, and Cote-des-Neiges-NDG borough councillor Peter McQueen says it could mean that drivers of hybrid or electric cars could wind up paying half of what those who own gas-powered cars do.

McQueen says he hears from many people in the borough who say some of their neighbors often have two or three cars they rarely ever use, or move.

"Parking does have to be rationed," he says. "Generally, the bigger the engine, the more cylinders it has, the bigger the whole vehicle is, hence, the more street space it takes. I think it's very reasonable that a pickup truck should have to pay more for its on-street parking sticker."

Among the budget's other highlights — borough mayor Sue Montgomery is waiving the additional compensation of $26,994 she's entitled to. The borough is also adding 15 new staffers to assist in increasing the size of the borough's parks., widening sidewalks and adding curb extensions.

In addition, a horticulture inspector and technical officer will be added to the borough's parks department to reduce delays in pruning trees, and three new staff members will oversee efforts to curb sanitation issues in some buildings.

Meanwhile, local property tax increases for the coming year will be limited to 2 per cent  — $4.50 for homes with a municipal assessment value of $500,000.