Part of Ste. Catherine St. W. dug up but left with potholes and cracks afterwards

While the Ste Catherine St. revamp has been put on hold, some merchants and residents in the area near Bleury and the Bay are wondering why the street was left pockmarked with cracks and potholes in the meantime.

The sewer and electrical work between Bleury and Union stopped about three weeks ago, the huge trenches covered up and security fences taken away. 

But the street was left in the same lumpy and bumpy sorry state, with several cracks and potholes.

Some merchants and residents. speaking on condition of anonymity, said since they tore the street up anyway, they should have done a quick paving or patch job to smooth it out for the next six months before the work resumes.

City spokesman Philippe Sabourin said it's being done now near Robert Bourassa and will be extended eastward.

"We consider we have more pavement job to do in order to secure the movement on Ste Catherine St.," said Sabourin in an interview with CJAD 800 NEWS.

"The city knows it's not aesthetic as it could be but it's functional."

The reconstruction work had to be postponed until this January because of conflicts with the light rail project and the bid submitted for tenders didn't fall in line with city regulations.