Passenger says she had a horrible Uber experience

An Uber passenger in Montreal is sharing a story that's been described as pretty scary.

Alex Birnbaum said she told the driver last Monday evening that he take a different route during a trip to the airport because of construction.

Birnbaum added the driver eventually berated her.

"He basically went into full blown belligerence mode where he said that little girls like to sit in the back of his car on the phone and expect him to get them to their destination the fastest without taking into account his fuel consumption and how driving over the speed limit could increase, I guess, the amount of fuel he uses and he doesn't get paid for that", said Birnbaum on the Aaron Rand show.

Birnbaum insisted she didn't tell him to go faster, adding he even screamed at her to get out of the car, on the side of the highway, a good distance from the airport.

Birnbaum added she even had to fight to get her luggage, that she eventually got into a taxi, that had a passenger, which took her to the airport.

According to her, the Uber driver wanted to charge extra, some four dollars in cash, for his trouble.

Birnbaum said she was given back the $22 for the trip, but the driver, apparently, wasn't punished after she complained. 

Uber had not yet officially commented on the story.