Paul McCartney says he's having fun sharing the raunchier stories of his days in the Beatles

Paul McCartney says sharing the raunchier stories of his days in the Beatles doesn't faze him anymore and he's getting a kick out of knowing that others enjoy the tales.

The 76-year-old musician recently spilled the dirt on the Fab Four in the pages of G-Q.

One memory involved the time he and his bandmates applauded the loss of George Harrison's virginity and in another, McCartney fessed up to hiring two Las Vegas prostitutes.

In a telephone interview from Quebec, McCartney tells The Canadian Press that he's not really trying to get attention -- he's just having fun.

McCartney, who launches his Freshen Up tour in Quebec on Monday, says the "spicy stories'' he's shared in recent interviews are only the tip of the iceberg, but that doesn't necessarily mean he'll be sharing more tales about the "joys of youth.''

He says they were young kids from Liverpool on tour, getting famous and drawing attention to themselves.

McCartney says there are quite a few stories -- not all suitable for public consumption.

After his stop in Quebec, McCartney plays dates in Montreal (Sept. 20), Winnipeg (Sept. 28) and Edmonton (Sept. 30) before heading to Japan.

He says he's really looking forward to entertaining Canadian audiences.

McCartney says you get a feeling about Canada -- they love their music, it's a very warm audience and he feels a kinship.

He says -- they come to party and so do we.