PCBs did not reach Pointe-Claire homes

It took nearly four years, but Pointe-Claire residents got to see a full report on PCB contamination at an industrial site on Hymus Blvd.

"We know that there is no contamination on their land and I can look people in the eye and tell them that," Mayor Morris Trudeau said Monday night.

Quebec's Environment Ministry said there were no traces of PCBs on bike path behind the property, which runs between the contaminated lot and Pointe-Claire residents.

In a statement, Evironment Minsiter David Heurtel said the priority has always been to ensure public safety, and the results of the study are very reassuring.

Now the focus turns to cleaning up the polychlorinated biphenyls that remain.

The owner of the lot, Juste Investir, failed to submit a plan to decontaminate the lot by the March 20, 2017 deadline. Minister Heurtel said the Ministry will use all the necessary means to get the job done as quickly as possible, even if it means taking over the job.

In the meantime, Reliance power equipment and one of the company's representatives were found guilty of multiple violations of environmental laws and fined more than $1 million.